By Mikayla Hlatshwayo · Jul 16, 2020
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You've most probably been asked or heard a few people speak about your skin type and didn't even know what ON EARTH they meant by it. 

that's just another uniquely designed feature our bodies come with. As the largest organ your body has - your skin requires a significant amount of care and the first step is understanding and determining your skin type.

DID YOU KNOW that your skin also has a pH balance of its own? and that everyone's pH is different? a significant shift or alteration in the pH can cause damage or even alter your skin type forever and invite a number of dermatological issues - let us dive into the particulars:


There are 4 common types of skin. OILY,NORMAL/COMBINATION, SENSITIVE & DRY.


this skin type consists of people who most likely produce an excessive amount of sebum which gives off the 'shiny' look that leaves your pores clogged thus resulting in blackheads, acne and whiteheads. people with oily skin should refrain from using products with medium-chain fatty acids or sealant properties i.e. coconut oil, olive oil   as these products serve to moisturise and seal the moisture in and if your skin is already oily this might add to the problem. 

Suggested products would be items with light fatty acids and antibacterial healing properties because these kill bacteria forming in the skin and reduce the inflammation caused by acne. see our products: tea tree oil   & helichrysum toner

 Our  'TEA TREE' product can be applied directly to the skin as the essential oil concentration amount is low and will not cause harm or allergies



if your skin feels tight and often flaky - then you fall under this type. Dry skin may be a result of  genetics or the climate/environment you're in other factors include: diet & hormonal imbalances - staying hydrated can also help your skin and give it the boost it needs.

Using products that moisturise and hydrate the skin such as rose, aloe and frankincense can promote healthy skin cell regeneration.

Suggested products are non abrasive (no face scrubs, skin peels) avoid using things such as baking soda, lemon & turmeric  as these may cause you to burn and rash - cooling and antimicrobial products serve better use for this skin type. see our product: argan oil & rosewater toner


If you've ever just touched your skin or used a product and started to experience breakouts, rashes or inflammation then you most likely have sensitive skin. Individuals with sensitive skin ought to introduce ONE  new product at a time and do patch tests before continuation so that they do not flare up or start to redden. 

Causes of sensitive skin reactions include: Skin disorders or allergic skin reactions such as eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis. extremely dry or injured skin that can no longer protect nerve endings, leading to skin reactions.

suggested products for this skin type are lavender based or rose based products because they're known to sooth and reduce redness or inflammation. see our products: rose geranium oil & lavender-toner


Majority fall under this skin type and we tend to think that just because we have no struggles with acne, inflammation or even oil residue, we can apply any and everything to our skin - as mentioned before the skin pH is extremely sensitive and any shift or alteration can cause permanent damage.

people with normal/comb. skin will experience one or more of the "symptoms" of the other skin types. That is why it's important to find a routine and stick with it.

Finding the right exfoliants and moisturisers can help you maintain clear and healthy skin

suggested product types are: rose,aloe,tea tree, lavender etc. see our list of products here

your skin type may change over time as well as its pH that's why its important to maintain healthy habits like using lukewarm water and washing your hands regularly before applying anything to your face.

I hope my little tidbit was helpful and will continue you to inspire you to take the effort to take care of your skin just as you would your heart & mind

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